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Como refinar as informações das estatísticas em tempo real (RTS) do DB2. Uma sugestão de SQL para executar antes de um REORG, RUNSTAT ou migração de DB2. 

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Easy Real Time Statistics (RTS) data initialization from DB2 9 to DB2 11:

Special query to run before a REORG, RUNSTAT or a DB2 Migration. How many RTS rows did you find?

Hands up who knows nothing about the RTS? Good, all hands are down! I had an interesting experience the other day with one of my customers as they are in the process of doing the big bang “REORG the world” to get from a six byte RBA/LRSN to a 10 Byte RBA/LRSN due to problems with data cloning in a mixed DB2 release Environment.

RTS Database Maintenance

They use the RTS to drive the creation of REORG, RUNSTAT, and COPY utilities as this is the modern and correct way to go, right? Well, they ended up with a bunch of objects that refused to REORG. I looked high and low for *any* reason as to why they would be excluded from processing and found none. Well, actually, I lie – there was one, and that was the fact that the candidate list was based upon a SELECT from the RTS tables and then joining to the DB2 Catalog to refine the data and then finally generating the required REORG jobs.

RTS data missing

It was noticed that these tablespaces were either empty or very small and it was seen that they did not even *exist* in the RTS! Now cast your mind way way way back to DB2 V7 when the RTS were introduced as an “optional” feature. I wrote a little SQL INSERT to populate the RTS for any missing elements as the IBM way of populating the RTS was to “REORG the world” (remember those halcyon days?) Anyway these days, about 11 years later, it is *always* assumed that:

  • The RTS data exists
  • The RTS data is correct (mainly!)
  • RTS data initialization made easy

So, to save you all from trying to find my SQL from those days, here’s the DB2 9 and above version which you can, perhaps must, run to make sure you have no “bodies in the cellar” like my customer did!

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